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The Anti-aging Society is a non-profit Hong Kong organization with over 20 year's history in anti-aging study. Membership to the society is open to those who have educational, research, or practical experience in anti-aging or in an allied scientific field.


Becoming a member of HKAAS gains you access to over a decade of established anti-aging expertise. Position yourself as being the first to learn of the latest breakthroughs in preventive and interventive techniques that help your patients achieve their personal best in wellness, maximum longevity and a fulfilling quality of life.

Join now, increase your practice income and take advantage of the following membership benefits:
    • Apply for the funding from diverse sources, through advocacy and other efforts.
    • Searching for the Association's research funding for basic science research, prevention and care.
    • Be the convener and catalyst for collaborations between investigators in industry, academia and other organizations to promote basic and applied anti-aging researches.
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Membership Category


2-year - Save More!

Physician Member

HKD$ 1000

HKD$ 1500

DDS, ND, DPM, R.Ph, PhD, RN, NP, PA)

HKD$ 1000

HKD$ 1500

Preferred General Public

HKD$ 800





To sign up or renew your membership, Print and Fax our PDF based form